Project Management

Our firm value your real objectives and formulating the necessary policies (long, medium or short terms) and strategies within which your projects will be built, managed and supervise.

When it comes to construction, it’s not one-size-fits-all, different kinds of construction projects require different types of schedule plans.

Our firm first create a written plan; we probably know that, no matter how flexible your approach, it’s unwise to jump straight into project without first creating a written plan. While there are several different ways to create a timeline, using a free excel construction template.

We also use excel schedule template to create specific action plans and construction checklists for all phases of our projects, including ordering of materials and other important task. A timeline template can also ensure that you don’t overspend, helping you to design your projects schedule in such a way that you optimize the cost of workers and materials.

Construction timeline template also let us communicate with our stakeholders about our progress, displaying information about the project’s status on a single document in an organized and transparent way.

Stronghold Haven Limited will first make a construction schedule spreadsheet for any kind of project’s, it help us stay on track for each phase of construction. The most effective kinds of timelines are divided into separate sections according to construction phase. This helps us make sure that we don’t miss a single important task in any phase of our project.

We construct commercial and residential projects to a finished level. We carry on renovation work to any kinds of projects