Property Management

Effective property management contributes to operational profitability and, if not performed properly, can cause needless disruption for an organization. Owners can rely on Stronghold Haven property management services.
We provide the following:-

1.     Understanding your real objectives and formulating the necessary policies (long, medium or short terms) and strategies within which your property will be managed.

2.    Manage the financial performance of the property by overseeing rents, occupancies and expenditures.

3.     Selecting from time to time for vacant accommodation for tenants of substance who will not default in fulfilling his obligation in the lease covenant.

4.    Supervise resident retention, renewal and leasing programs to maintain maximum occupancy.

5.    Oversee daily leasing paper work and proper completion of services request

6.    Organising and monitoring suitable service charge payment among tenants to defray cost of maintaining common part where necessary.

7.    Ensuring that leases are renewed at appropriate period and prevailing market rent with due regard to sitting tenancy.

8.    Regular inspection of various tenants’ accommodation to check for defects and such other tenants unauthorised acts such as structural alternation and other unpermitted use, also obligation and others contained in the leased agreement.

9.       Liaising with solicitors in drawing up lease Agreement.
10.     Ensuring that client’s obligation such as payment of ground rent, structural and  external repairs and other responsibilities are regularly met.
We take a long time-term view toward maintaining rental properties at their highest level to support their value and satisfy our client. Also we mitigate against disruptions to your business by making small repairs to prevent a major ones.